This is a page where you can find Swapples cheats, tricks, tips, glitches, bugs, and the entire guide. Swapples is just very similar to bejewelled. Well, if you haven’t been knowing bejewelled, here’s the swapples complete guide:

Welcome To The Swapples Guide!

Background information:

The game is a kind of like Bejeweled, for those of you who are familiar with that game. For those that aren’t, the object of the game is to get three or more of the same color in a row (not a diagonal) to rack up points. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins. The more same colored characters in a row, the more points and power-ups you get. I’ll speak a little more about the power-ups later.

An example of a basic move shown below.

You can either click the little red guy and drag him down or click him and then click the cloud guy to swap them. Once you get three guys in a row, they will disappear and the guys on top of them will fall down into the empty spots along with new characters joining the party on your board! If more rows match up after all of the new characters fall into place, a chain reaction will start to go off and you will see this. You can either watch the pretty sight or continue looking for places to rack up more points. Remember, the less time you waste, the more points you get!

The game is controlled by a timer that can be seen below.

The timer can be seen at the top of your board and will keep how much time your have left. Adding time is possible, but again, I’ll speak about that later with the power-ups.


We come across a bunch of little characters in this new game and they all have their own little looks. Here’s what they look like:

Basic Swapples:

The basic Swapples are the ones to the left of the arrow. They are the characters you first see when you start the game and are the ones that you are going to be dealing with for the majority of the game. They don’t have any special powerups or abilities; they just look cute.

Upgraded Swapples:

They are the ones to the right of their basic Swapple.

In order to get one of these guys on your board, you need to get four of a color in a row. The four characters will combine into one of these guys. If you happen to get another three or more of a color in a row including these guys, you will be awarded more points and some characters will disappear around the upgraded character even if they aren’t involved in the row!

And for the visual learners:

This is what happens when you include one in the proper row or column:

The upgraded swapple was in the middle where the ’85’ is right now. Pretty cool huh?

Cross Swapples:

Cross swapples are are upgraded swapples that are also formed by a T or an L. Here is an example move of how to achieve a cross swapple:

The swapple will appear like a normal upgraded swapple but, it will have some lines flowing through it to make it appear almost like it’s glimmering. Here is an example of a cross swapple:

See his little lines starting to go through? The lines will travel from the lower left corner of him to the upper right.

Anyways, when you include the swapple in a row of the same color, this is what happens:

Every Swapple in the rainbow will be obliterated. Alright, maybe just disappear but you know that would be cool.


Look out for these power-ups to gain some advantages throughout your game!

Time Bonus – Comes in all colors – The timer will earn you 5 seconds to your timer if you include it in the correct color row.

Multiply Score – Comes in all colors – Multiplies the amount you get from swapping. Let’s say you get 10 points; if you get multiply x 2 then, for every swapple you achieve from there on, you get 20 points. The Multiply Score comes in x2,x3,x4, and x5. In order to get x3,x4, or x5, you need to get the multiple below it. So you need to get x2 in order to see a x3; a x3 in order to see a x4; a x4 in order to see a x5.

Glowing Square – This square is very unique and you can get it by getting 5 of the same color in a row. Once this appears, you swap it with any color next to it and it will make all of that color disappear! For example, you swap the glowing square with an orange flame dude. Once you swap, the flame dude and all of his buddies disappear from the board and new characters are placed in their spots. When you do this, you get 5 points for every flame dude that disappeared. So try to swap the glowing square with a color you have a lot of to rack up the most points.

Final Swapdown:

The Final Swapdown occurs after your timer runs out. Now, what happens during the Final Swapdown you may ask. Well, I’ll tell ya. Once the timer hits zero, you can no longer make a move and you will see the image above appear in the middle of your board. When this appears, all characters that are not basic characters will go into a form of spontaneous combustion as if they were moved into the correct colored row. When the upgraded Swapples explode, you just have to hope for a chain reaction to occur to get the most points possible. Unfortunately, time bonuses will not add time if received during the Final Swapdown.

Shuffle and Hint:

The shuffle and hint buttons are located in the top-right corner.

The shuffle button does exactly what it sounds like it does. It shuffles the board around. Hit this button when you don’t see any moves or just want to re-arrange the guys on the board so they can meet new people. But use it wisely! You have a limited amount of shuffles! Collect shuffles by playing Swapples matches. Once you play 20 matches of Swapples, you get another Shuffle. If you use all of your shuffles, the button then turns dark grey and unclickable. The number in the bracket indicates how many shuffles you have left. In this case, I have 8 left.

The hint button does the exact thing you would think it does as well. It tells you where a possible move is. This is a simpler solution to finding a move rather than shuffling the board all around and keeps your characters happy! What would happen if they didn’t like who they were shuffled next to?!

Tips, Tricks and Strategies:

This section is a compilation of tips, tricks and strategies collected from all of you guys.


oo7’s 10 Tips for Swapples

1) If you want to score big like 30k+ Play from the bottom 3 rows,
Yes make moves anywhere, but only if you run out of moves from bottom 3. You will notice you will make additional points without doing much. This also gives you more time to think.

2) Always have you eyes searching for at least 2 other moves, so you can put together a good run.

3) Try and make 2 moves a second

4) Try not to Shuffle at the beginning, only when x2 or x3 start to appear if you need to.

5) If your opponents score is rising fast and you are struggling, then remember the Board can change mid game and be ready for fast points. That’s the time to shuffle. Then you must play from bottom.

6) Get the multipliers as fast as possible, x2, x3 etc

7) If you are behind early-on in game on points, Don’t worry, just try and get x4 x5 faster than opponent. You can make 10k+ in 6 or 7 seconds

8) Don’t break the rhythm and lose your bonus. (you can tell from sound)

9) Use a mouse

10) Spam the Hint button on hard board if you need to

Ok one little pro tip, If you have power gems on the board and also multipliers (x2, x3 etc), try and save power gems until you get all available multipliers, but you must use wisdom for this.
It will give you an edge on others.


Tim – Everything of this post belongs to him
Fiery Ice – General information
LovelyTara – Alerting me on more Emo swapples
Naked-God – Help with Emo swapples
jhnlol – Information on Emo swapples and cross swapples
Charlie-Pie – Some screenshot help
josesayshey – Some screenshots help
Swiftor – Information on new shuffle system
Post some information so you can get your name here!

Thank you for reading my guide that I put together.

If you’d like to see more information continually added to this guide, please like my post and help add to it by posting information below. A simple thanks will also do.

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